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Design Network Directors have over 45 years working experience in the building industry. We have a team of staff with various qualifications extending to well over 100 years of experience. Our team range from architectural, building scientists, planning, landscaping and engineering services.

Design Network has continually grown given the relationships formed with our clients. To meet changing needs, new staff with a wider range of expertise have been added to the company. Design Network focuses on residential development, from singular homes to large multi-unit developments. Residential work has been the emphasis for many years and the team employed are all well experienced with this area of work.

Design Network are highly skilled in all facets of the residential industry which commences with a vacant site obtaining all necessary Resource Consents and Building Consents and managing the consultants throughout this process. Contract administration is available, should this complete service be required. Clients can be confident that at completion all certificates, warranties, guarantees and contractual obligations have been implemented appropriately.

Design Network continually advances their skills through professional development, expansion of staff expertise, knowledge of new products and industry standards. They continually investigate methods of construction and pride themselves on a high level of architectural documentation that clients and the industry dictate.

Design Network has been involved in numerous Multi-Unit and Medium Density developments. Approval for those types of developments involve a large team of staff and consultants. We have a vast amount of experience in these types of developments and can pride ourselves with the many successful projects completed.


We love this profession.


Because we’re here for the long term.


Is what we say, what we do and what we say we do.


Quality at speed.


There is always more to learn.

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